What the hell, why not a singles section




You are looking okay. I guess.


Says the man who hides behind the mask. You are going to stay there.


Hiding behind the mask? Excuse me? Mask? What mask? Are you accusing me with falsification?

I wasn’t planning to move elsewhere.

  1. You’re a faceless judge you twerp. I’d like to put a face to the judgement; an eye for an eye.

  2. “That is where you are going to stay” as in I’m pretty sure you’re too chicken or it’s just too beneath you to place your own picture up or some absurd reason that isn’t absurd to your gruff and also seemingly begrudging disposition. So yea, I already know you don’t plan to move elsewhere. That’s why I again refer to #1 for reconsideration


You are absolutely right here. I’m reluctant to give my photo in public web site.


Wasabi is probably a celebrity of some sort to be so secretive. Having a fake picture and living on a tomato farm is all the evidence I need.

I suspect he’s the new posterboy for Old Spice.


If had a long hair, then yeah. I could look like the guy in the poster.


Pff, you don’t have blue eyes! I’d guess hazel or brown! I’m going to profile you.
Can’t be older than 27. Because of your versatile writing tones and well, you’d be offended by anything else I’d have to say about your posts possibly. You cross me as incredibly punkish and “snickery” with fervor and that is where my age guesstimate comes from. You are not in your mid fourties!!! I don’t think you’d comment about my pics the way you did if you were. Don’t scare me! That’d be weird if you were in your fourties and acting as such… :open_mouth: “You are looking okay. I guess.” FFFF-BWAH! I really hope you aren’t 45 :blush:
Typical, average male build, which is a fact you gave.
Guessing not taller than 5’11"
Probably white, but I just don’t imagine you with blue eyes; that’s way too soft a color for you. I’d be offended if you had blue eyes; gotta be brown, or grey in the least…Yea, I just don’t imagine you with long hair; that’s too much upkeep even for me. It’d be disgusting to have a sweaty ponytail on your back while working with tomatos under the hot sun. Ew…Light brown-dark brown/black hair. Ah, possibly a ginger.
Hehe. Since your too chicken to post a pic, this is all you leave me to work with.
Oh, and I think you have a beard…Or something of. Facial hair.
I’m going to make a steep guess and say you are 18-25 years old. Max 33-35 which would shock me incessantly. I might flip out of my chair and cry.
I bet you have a Facebook account that has nothing on it or very little, or you deactivated it eventually. Maybe you didn’t create one but I think that’s a small chance.



As far as I know, in America they are the same. However I don’t consider myself as a white. Altought close, I still think white and caucasians are a bit different.


You are quite accurate (mostly) in your assesment. Amazing. Did you read it from somewhere? Working on Intelligence helps I guess.

Oh wait…Are you surveyin after me?


I label myself as caucasian. :smiley: I’m mostly white.

In my field of work we produce products mainly with pattern analysis based on detailed facts of the past and such. We use psychology too when dealing with present situations and using other sources of information. We work on a tactical level in large but a lot of strategy too.

In no way do we do specific profiling of individuals though, that’s a different field than my own. Surveying after you? That’s a strange thing to say. Like scoping through all the posts you’ve ever written in this forum? “Gathering Intel?” No. Weird. The way you write, respond, interact, and your current job (as well as many things you have said to me) led me to these conclusions while directly interacting with you. I just recently learned of your lifestyle, which also tells me a lot about you. You “talk” a lot of yourself. You don’t really need to post a picture of yourself now. :nerd:

So you aren’t American… :cry: That’s too bad; You’d never make it for a meet-up. Those chances are much more slim if you don’t live here. Sadness…Well, I think you definitely live in one of the allied/neutral America-affiliated countries. I could be wrong. This guess is based off internet censorship and technical censorship. Plus we’ve got a good little number of allied countries, ha–so the probability…


So what other intel you are needed to gather about me?


Adament are we? Why not PM?


hey paucity, you look good! decent!


lets have some analysis on this guy:

  • he has long face and not angled means not a decisive man and not attractive
  • small eyes with narrow width between is an indication of a narrow- minded and non generous man, sexual tendency-i.e looks for sex only from woman.
  • thin lips+ the way to get the straw on his mouth is a big indication of on- generous man- which is a big turn off for woman.
    -less hairy although he is white- means he is not strong man, doesnt look manly
    -his looks and free long hair : just give off a picture of a playboy more than a serious man a woman wants to settle down with.
    Wasabi, you are looking like this?


It’s possible for me to look like this.


Haha. Thank you :slight_smile: I try.


nobody can look totally the same with someone. even twins or even two halves of your face still has different things to differentiate!
Post a picture of yourself then, ( if you are shy or not confident to do that in public, you can PM me, huh? :mrgreen: ), i will tell you the difference, ok?


Because there is no “like” button.


Come on Wasabi, the ladies are in a chorus! You can’t let em down! You have to do it for lamer and pp