What the hell, why not a singles section


I imagine you holding one of your shoes on your hand and stomping the tribune with it while you say this.


I think the proper word you were looking for is ‘enthusiastic’


Be careful and take care of your eyes if he does this, or else they would turn blind.


Oh yeah! we would hack his PC and extract the porns he has played too, great!!!


I think we have a similiar sense of humor haha :clap:


then your mind would be extremely DARK!!! should this be a good thing? :mrgreen:


oh yes, we would buy some dustbin bags too.we need them after watching these porns oeeeeeeeeee! ( sick)


I am a single ENTJ and most likely going to stay that way for a looooooong time. I don’t live a boring or simple life and its way too hard for most to keep up with. So I remain a lone ranger unless there’s some fiery ally who wants to die a living death with me. It’s kind of fun and very on the run. But it will abate as time elapses…with many glorious memories and treasured relationships to show for it. That’s if anyone is into relationships though. Some like them merely for the purpose of self satisfaction and being ENTJ’s that’s probably your case. But a part of self satisfaction is having lots of people to tell you how much they love you. I’ll have that. You might not. But that’s your choice. Bark loudly if you want a reply from me because I don’t plan on wasting my time.


If you have dated and are having a hard time dumping the person, give them this as your new number: 212-479-7990.

It is funny and they will get the idea!!





I am single and from Los Angeles, California. I am 26 years old and looking for a cute ENTJ chick :slight_smile:


haha, the innate flaw in this is that all the viewers will be other ENTJs…I don’t think I want to date another person like me.


At the end of the day, temperaments will not change a human’s desire for love or to be loved. It’s only natural that a singles section/thread exist on any MBTI forum. It’s interesting to look back a few decades and remember how it used to be. I remember jokes made about personal ads, much like they do with Craigslist/OKCupid today. It seems as though there’s less hesitation to put yourself out there in a form other than in person though. Personals had a bit of a stigma with them, as I recall. Now there seems to be a proliferation of such with the internet.


Whatever… Pay for your women upfront. It’s cheaper and less hassle.