What types do you get along with the best?


I’m curious to see just what types we get along with. What MBTI types do all of you just have natural chemistry and connection with? Everyone’s input is welcome here. :sunglasses:

I get along the best with NPs, ENFJs and SPs interestingly enough. It’s pretty hard to find NTJs nowadays, most SJs are boring people, I usually piss off INFJs, and most STJs can be pretty boring… The SPs and NPs I can usually get along with due because they can be pretty interesting people or just freaking hilarious because of their crazy stunts they pull. ENFJs just attract to me as if they’re magnetized to me, it’s really weird…


for social interaction, i admit that i can get along with all types. Just the level of trust and favorites are different.
For dating, i havent dated many types so far, so i can can not tell much from my experience.
Maybe some types are just best to be friends only, can not move furthur.
being friend with ESTJ is ok. But S is very hard to get along in long term. Even i dated one S for a very long time, but there were still things i that always felt lack of. It could be the view point of life, the life direction.
I realised that as woman, i can not bear a SFJ partner for sure. Fe mind is based on something that a Te can not bear in long term. SP is better than SJ.
NFP is very well connected. just a little spontaneous, but one a well developed T is great. N connection is very strong.
NTs attract me most. Especially ENTJ. I like strong, decisive men.
That’s what i experienced. dont know how other ENTJs did.




Your answer would depend a lot on context. For instance, INFPs are a problem for some kinds of work (because you have to ‘seduce’ them into doing the correct things, not convince and it gets tiresome fast), but great lovers. STJs are mostly unbearable for any kind of personal relationship (friend, acquaintance, lover…), but fine at work as long as they do not outrank me. NTs in general are the best for whatever… And so on…

I think I could answer better if you would specify some kind of situation or type you are interested in knowing how the interaction generally go for me. ^^




I’m not really sure. I have some friends that are about as normal as you get, but the ones I seem to end up around the most
are the misfit ones that all this random stuff just seems to happen around. Which is fine with me, since I care that I come off
as conventional because I don’t want to end up working minimum wage my whole life or not be taken seriously by professors I
might have, but I’ve learned there’s always going to be someone down the road that thinks your ideas won’t work.



I click with ESTPs right away usually. Also ENFPs, INTPs, ISTPs, and ENTJs. I want to get to know more INTJs but they seem to always have this aura of “I hate people, get away from me” :laughing:. Not very many SFJs.


NTs in general, some NFs.

STPs are also great! : )


I like STP’s too. I get better gas milage with them.

computer addict and TV junkie


In a social situation, I try my best to be agreeable, polite etc, and so I will get along with most people. However, if there is going to be more that, I find myself gravitating towards people who are NTs, that is I find myself in the company of INTJs and INTPs, and in particular INTJs.

I also find that I attract NFs. This starts out great in the beginning where they find my straightforwardness and candidness amusing. It goes downhill from there, you know they find me unbearably direct and combative. I find it too stressful in the long run, as I have to play nice, hold their hand and make them feel that I understand them. Any confrontation or difference is considered disharmony, they get upset! Just way too stressful. All that happens is that I find myself saying the most outrageous things just for the shock value with NFs.

With SJs and SPs, I just let them tell me about their lives, family and whatever it is that they want to talk about. I know from experience this isn’t going to go anywhere.


My favorites are the 4 Rationals, 2 guardians (ESTJ & ESFJ), 2 artisans (ISTP & ESTP), and one Idealist, (ENFJ). I enjoy relationships with any thinker, except ISTJ because of how they recoil at any hint of human contact. :stuck_out_tongue:

My nearest and dearest, in order of relationship quality

8 ISTPs, 4 ESTPs, 3 INTPs, 1 INTJ, 3 ENTJs, 2 ESTJs, 1 ESFJ, 2 ENTPs, 1 ENFJ

Types who leave me stone cold are those who have a dominant or auxiliary introverted feeling preference, ENFP, ISFP, ESFP, INFP. Ugh, Introverted feelers, imagine that I am one! :laughing:

ISFJs and INFJs…I haven’t known many but beyond being so private, they come accross as insincere


You surely have quite alot of close acquaintances. Especially knowing their MBTI. I never talk about MBTI with people around me.


wasabi, curiosity will burn a hole in my brain until I know a person’s type! :smiley: I’m the de facto leader of a large group of gaming friends and we meet new people all the time. I raise the topic of MBTI whenever a private conversation yields an opportunity. When someone is able to confirm, I express my excitement about their gifts, cheer them on, congratulate them. For them it’s a happy moment of being appreciated and new insight. When they realize I respect their strengths and weaknesses, (with a ‘hey, I’ve got your back’ approach), most experience a sense of relief, greater trust is established, and a motivation boost occurs. For situations where it wouldn’t be appropriate to ask, I observe carefully and eventually, I can type everyone. :wink:


I am normally curious about what people might be and sometimes guess what their type is, though I might not ask directly what MBTI they are unless I want to be more than just acquaintances. I did notice something in a casual art class that I attend. I sit every week with the same 3 or 4 people and we chat while we draw. It turns out that, they are: INTJ, INTP and INFJ. Quite interesting as I wasn’t trying to interact with people just because they are NTs or NFs, but it turns out that I do gravitate towards these types.

Now I have to go figure out how I deal with people who are INFJs, so that I don’t piss them off. Can anyone shed some light on this?