What was this?


There’s an ENTJ that I am interested in.
She has always come across as confident and serious. We were sat beside each other one day in class on a table by ourselves, when I could see out of the corner of my eyes that she was staring at me. We’re only acquaintances. After a couple of seconds, I looked back at her and we held eye contact for a few seconds (she was confidently looking back at me, holding my eye contact). After a few seconds of looking back at each other I smiled at her. She instantly looked down and away, moving so quickly that it was like she had just been shocked by something. She reverted back to her normal confident self mins after though.

Did she look down like that cos she was intimidated? I can’t work out any other reason why she was so openly watching/looking at me only to look down so fast when I eventually smiled at her.

I don’t know ENTJs very well.


Don’t know ENTJs myself very well. But at a guess, I’d say she was interested in you, but then realized she was being too obvious and/or realized that she was revealing a human weakness.

… or it could be that she was just staring off into space, thinking funny thoughts, and happened to cross eyes with you. I did that once in middle school, at a girl I actually wasn’t interested in. :confused:

I’d go for the first one. Worst case scenario, you get shot down in flames.

[Edit] Oh, didn’t realize you’re a woman. So, same thing, only platonic. Or possibly not…


Entj cant be intimidated easily it might been because you smiled first so that shown another calculations in her mind in that she left thebattle but if you didnt smile howshe would react