What's your IQ?


Hey there,

I have just taken an IQ test and got a score of 124.

Are people with ENTJ usually in a high IQ range?

Thanks =-)


Nope. Not that many in high IQ range.

High IQ range for NTs are like this:

  1. INTJ
  2. INTP
  3. ENTP
  4. ENTJ


Glad to hear you scored 124, that’s pretty good. High end of average here.


I’m sure the INTJs have the highest IQs, not necessarily because they the “smartest”, but simply because what is smart is defined by them. The blueprints for major systems and institutions (eg. formal education, any field of science) tend to be designed according to their ideals. For the record, I’m 132.


I completely agree with you. As somebody slightly leaning towards INTJ from ENTJ, I can say that IQ tests play on all my strengths and don’t come near my weaknesses. My IQ was ~130 last time I checked, and while that’s very useful in things like education and learning, I could be in a workplace situation and completely overlook simple ingenious solutions. Real world experience is huge, which is more of a strength for E types.

Interestingly enough, EI, or emotional intelligence is supposed to be a comparable factor in regards to pay-grade and career success, and it’s be shown to be a greater indicator of fulfillment.


Recently scored 135 at aged 39 but was in the 140’s when I left school.

Also I dated an INTJ once and she had semiphotographic memory and could retain all kinds of information and apply it very quickly, but could not work out complex problems that required multiple skills or approaches. So, yeah I think it is possible that the IQ tests lend to an INTJ learning style more. IQ tests are said to be flawed anyway as IQ exists in various forms. I’m at the respectable end so I’m not complaining :wink:


I definitely think schooling helps. It works your mental flexibility a ton, and after a while being out it’s easy to lose.

I recently retested and I know that my schooling made the test easier for me. A lot of the problems that I found on the test were simpler versions of problems I’ve done lately.

I don’t see myself as one of the top thinkers in the world, but I do see myself as somebody who can sail through an IQ test.


I took a quick test a year or two ago and scored 130.