When two ENTJ’s make a baby


It’s everything you think it would be but worse. I think my daughter has leveled us up. She is two and has more perseverance than my husband and I put together can keep up with. She is two, but talks and has the knowledge of a 3 year old with no maturity to go with it. Nothing but strong will. Anyone else experience this?


No i dont have any children.

I heard that and entj/ entj and intj/ entj match is ideal. But how did u find each other much less marry and make a baby?


I used a dating site. I also knew from dating that I was looking for an Entj or Intj. I made men take the test before I even went out with them. My husband tests as an Entj, but he believes he is an Intj. I dated a fair amount of Entj/Intj men before finding the one. I have found true Intj men to be a little too methodical and unemotional for my taste. But ultimately we are all different even within our types.


lol, you don’t need to make them take a test; the preference for Ni combined with Te will really hit you in the face.


True. But some people emulate who they want to be on dating sites. And I wanted to cut through the awkward convos so as not to waste time.


I find this VERY amusing. In youtuber Frank James video title “mbti coffee shop dates”, his ENTJ impression made a quiz for the date and said “I’ll email you if you get anything over an 85”. LOL that’s so accurate XD