Why Don't People Know How to Job Hunt Effectively?


Over the past few months, I’ve had friends and relatives who are looking for work come to me with questions pertaining to resumes, interviewing, and the like.

I had to reiterate the same suggestions over and over again to different people. It got to the point where I felt inspired to write an article on the topic – one that I could simply send to everyone en masse: http://socyberty.com/work/tips-on-how-to-find-a-job-that-suits-your-skills-and-interests/

Here’s what I don’t understand: Why is it that so many people are clueless out there when it comes to polishing resumes, shining in interviews, etc.? Granted, I’ve had ample interview/job hunting experience, but it seems people just don’t take the time to research the topic. And then they wonder why they aren’t getting the jobs. It’s not rocket science by any stretch.

Have you guys encountered the same? Are people just that disconnected from the job hunting process nowadays?


So the latest job report showed that the unemployment rate dipped slightly. Though things are certainly moving in the right direction, the economy remains weak. We definitely need a lot more jobs.


The jobs report released today revealed that though the economy added 155,000 jobs, it wasn’t enough the lower the unemployment rate. It still sits at 7.8%.


I usually don’t write much in my resumes. Just my name, surname, ID number, address, education level (not even what branch of education, just “university” and that’s all), address, my previous jobs (last 2 or 3), computer and language knowledge and areas of my expertize. I usually write low salaries to get the job and once I learn everything about it…I just leave. I don’t stay to repeat what I learned.

To find the best job suitable to me, I try all jobs at least once. Then I pick one that is suitable to me and continue to it. However, in practice I didn’t continue any. I just organized people around me and built my own business and now expanding it. The last time I have ever worked for someone…was April 2009. So I’m not very much in tune with whats going on on job market. And don’t much care about it either. I do not have company loyalty. I find that notice to be completely nonsense. Why should I be loyal to structure that I don’t own? I have no loyalty to people in job places…since I do not consider people to be worth that. Except INTJs. They are my favorite. I would be loyal to them. But nobody else. (probably not even other ENTJs). I do not care about advancing any companies business…even when I almost always can. I only care about my own goals and my own experimenting. If company allows that…I’m in. If not, then I’m out. They can cry over it as much as they want. I don’t care.


Thanks for sharing, Wasabi.

You’re right. It’s hard to be loyal to companies when so many of them are laying off employees left and right.


You are welcome. And seeing that you are an INTJ, you are welcome even more :wink:

A side issue. This whole job interview thing is a bullshit. There should be more entrepreneurs in the world than we currently have right now. There are vast number of opportunities out there. I do not understand why the people are so hard core on getting a job as an employee. Being an employee was never a perspective way of earning money. Today you might be working. But thats temporary. Tomorrow when you become no longer useful, you will be gone. Why should someone who is a capable person ever invest in an organization that has such an ultimate power of depriving your security at any time they want? People should be amassing on entrepreneurship in light of that. Not avoiding it. Not even considering other options as viable alternatives. We truly live in a psychopathic society.


I can see why people might contemplate going off on their own. Putting up with a supervisor’s BS 40 + hours each week isn’t easy.


How weak is the job market in your city/town?