Why ENTJ one of the rarest types?


I have thought some of the possibility that make us ENTJ rare. If you have any more idea, pls feel free to add up:

  1. Due to our perfectionism —> scare people away.
  2. Too much devoted/ faithful to spouse—> not spread our genes easily on other types.
  3. Not in tune with others’ feelings—> be misunderstood as heartless----> people dont wanna get close—>no relationship–> no gene spred out----> less ENTJ children
  4. Too much bossy/argumentative/ opinionated/ extreme ( in others’ eyes, not my eyes, of course :sunglasses: )—> people dislike—> not get close-> same with No. 3.
  5. Pay much more time on career/ work than spouse—> less time for having children :mrgreen: —> less ENTJ children.
  6. Too frank, being called " think on the feet- think out loud" which upset many, make other hurt ( many can not stand the miserable truth ). Even worse: not choosing words before talking carefully–> not attractive to others—> no mate—> no spouse—> no children
  7. Thinking types are not welcome with female gender in this society??? :confused: So many thinking types women have died out already???
  8. Last thing that could scare people away, and i need the confirmation from male ENTJs :sunglasses: :
    I found this in ENTJ profile:
    [size=85]ENTjs like expensive, good quality clothes, however they can find it difficult to effectively combine their wardrobe. This is especially noticeable in ENTj males. They are very attracted to bright colour combinations and may combine two or three styles together. However, their aesthetic understanding is not usually very well developed and therefore they may find difficult to work where aesthetics play an important role. ENTjs often wear the same clothes for long periods giving the impression that they have just come back from a long trip and haven’t had time to change. [/size]

Do they really wear clothes for many days without bathing??? As a female, i confirm this is not applicable. :laughing: But i wonder whether it’s true to ENTJ male? Who knows? :sunglasses:

PS: urgent alarm ringing: Some action is needed to reserve the existence of ENTJ or else this type will die out and disappear forever as the disappear of disnosaur long ago. Any idea???


ESTJs are almost all of that and they’re one of the most frequent types.


You always throw the table into my mouth whenever i started to open it. lol :sunglasses:
ACE!!! You are my rival from now on. :laughing: :smiling_imp:


Not really… ESTJs are cooperators, and by definition more social. They are more likely to be part of the ‘community’, from HoA meetings, to city councils, PTAs, coaching Little League etc. They are also wedded to heirarchies.

In other words, ENTJs are utilitarians, ESTJs are not, neither are any of the other Guardians (SJs).

In fact, ENTJs are, along with INTJs, the only Utilitarian Js. And fittingly, I guess, INTJs are probably even more rare.

The combination of utilitarianness and decisive judgments is rare indeed - which is what makes us so cool. :sunglasses: I think that is also where an ENTJ’s attractiveness stems from… they are expected to act like SJs, except they are this weird hybrid of SJ/ SP and N. Dynamite!

This was hilarious, because… I’m guilty as charged. Where did you find this quote? And no, it doesn’t say ‘without bathing’. What ends up happenning is that I end up liking some limited range of my wardrobe enough that I tend to wear some of the shirts/ jeans/ shoes, for example, too often, at which point they become worn from constant laundering and I have to start over with new clothes. But I think my aesthetic understanding is not bad (helps that my mom is a fashion designer). And my sister is always making fun of my fondness for bold colors. I can’t believe this is not an individual trait… too funny to read the description!


What does this have to do with those 8 reasons she listed?

  1. Due to our perfectionism —> a lot of them are
  2. Too much devoted/ faithful to spouse—> even more devoted than ENTJs
  3. Not in tune with others’ feelings—> definitely, maybe more than ENTJs
  4. Too much bossy/argumentative/ opinionated/ extreme --> yeah, also probably more than ENTJs
  5. Pay much more time on career/ work than spouse—> yes ESTJs are career oriented too but that doesn’t really stop you from popping children, you just need a woman to stay at home and raise them all
  6. Too frank, being called " think on the feet- think out loud" which upset many, make other hurt ( many can not stand the miserable truth ). Even worse: not choosing words before talking carefully–> yes this one is ESTJ too
  7. Thinking types are not welcome with female gender in this society? --> yeah ESTJ females are thinkers duh :smiley:
  8. Last thing that could scare people away, and i need the confirmation from male ENTJs :sunglasses: – this one is probably better for them cause they’re sensers and people understand them, but not completely cause a lot of them scare the shit out of people. My dad for example.

@lamer, nothing personal, I just like the truth. You should see how I attacked Iron Mickie in that stupid Nazi thread of his that dreams of exterminating 10 other worthless types, or was it 12?


Ok man, you are funny. Of course, i know you didnt take it personally. Or else, you would have seen my sharp claws :mrgreen:
Back to my post above, the 8 reasons were just poped up in my mind. It’s for fun for than serious purpose. However, let me sum them up as the reasons below:
+The reason of Being affected by the environment ( few ones want to mate…)
+The reason that is within the nature of the type ( perfectionist/ so devoted…)
Those can make ENTJ one of the rarest types compared with other types.
As i have seen the statistic about the types devided by gender in teh following link below, i thought of the possibility of assumption:
mypersonality.info/personali … on-gender/
As i noticed in the table, i can see that:

  1. The rarest types fall down in Introverted types, especially
    INF: least
    INT: 2nd least
  2. In total population, NTs are least, next NFs compared to SJs, SPs
  3. For Thinking types( T): male> female
    For Feeling types ( F): female> male
    this applied for all types
  4. Sensing types are always more than N types, especially in female

So , all this caused me think of why it is like that?
Mostly , there are at least 2 or more personalities within a person. But what is strongest would be the dominant, hence, create the personality of a person in general.
-first,As i do know, Inuitive N is somewhat you have IN BORN, you have it sine you were born, while Sensing S can gain from practising it. If we think of the ancient times, mostly work done ( taking care of the home…) what require S is inclined for Woman. Modern generation just improve from the acient ones. Human exist and survive through the natural selection and fight.That’s why maybe mostly woman has improved their S more than N, in order to adapt to the environment, hence, S types in woman increase more than N nowaday? And even has caused to change their dominant type from N to S?

  • Second, in nature, F is mostly applied for female for than male due to the different in natural physical condition. Going through the ages, the F females increase much more than F male.
  • NT male are much more than NT female. Is it because NT characteristic is implied for male more than female, hence caused the female to change to other types through generation?
  • For introverted types : Why E more than I? Human was cave man, we used to live in herb. That’s why created a society. Therefore, the more extroverted you are, the more you can adapt to the environment, hence, E can exist.
    Human exists through a non- stop evolution process. All above makes me think of the Darwin’s theory of evolution. Is it also applied for Personality???
    So, in drawing a conclusion, i think all are the reason why ENTJs one of the rarest types, especially in female, compared to other types.
    Anyway, this is just my assumption. As till now, we dont have any reliable statistic that states the MBTI in global, through continents, with ages and genders, and through yers ( to do trend analysis) and through generation ( for gene pread over personalities) to prove my assumption is correct. Unluckily, it seems very hard to get that reliable statistic result.
    However,as i said above, the post is mostly for fun, not for a serious purpose. :wink: Hope this can satisfy for question.

PS: Hey, Ace, you havent replied my question yet

@ CM: i found this in socionics’ website here :wink:


Yes, good point. I did not explain myself clearly, and didn’t address the issue either or string the thoughts together.

I guess I got sidetracked into addressing differences between ENTJs and ESTJs - but I do think that a utilitarian J (INTJ/ENTJ) is significantly different from all other types (e.g. there are plenty of utlitiarian Ps - all the Artisans and the INTPs/ENTPs) that it makes sense for them to be rare. Of course, the INTPs are possibly the rarest of all, and I don’t have a good explanation of why that would be so?

One thing is clear in this debate, however - I should not be writing posts right before going to bed…


I think it’s probably because of evolution. Thousands of years ago being S was an advantage because if you weren’t paying great attention to your environment all of the time, you’d get eaten by a saber-tooth tiger or something. If someone was heavy on the N, he wouldn’t have much chance to survive until reproduction. Also a lack of individuality and following the “herd” was favorable, that’s why we have so many SJs today. Too much individuality meant either you get kicked out of the herd or you leave all by yourself, and of course you’d die because the only reason we survived is because we are social animals. ESxx types had the best chance of surviving and reproducing which is why we have so many of them today.

Things have changed though, as we now almost all get a chance to reproduce. The next step in evolution will probably be genetic engineering. I assume we’ll all be N in the future and robots will do most of the physical and routine work.

So, we are rare because we are Ns.

I is more rare than E. F-T, P-J are 50-50, which makes INxx types the most rare.


LOL, man, it’s not different with what i stated in my previosu post above. What i asked but you haven’y answered is :

just kidding aside, i guess it’s applicable in Ace’s case? :mrgreen:
@ CM:

So what colors? Red, green, or orange? :wink: I can imagine a vase of colourful flowers walking? Oh, man, it sparks :laughing:


I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes and I don’t see the point of buying an expensive suit if I can’t tell the difference when I compare a 2-3 times cheaper one to it.

I am attracted actually to dark colors more than bright ones. I hate yellow for example. I like black, dark blue, indigo. White is ok too but not when everything on you is white. I don’t like to attract so much attention.

My aesthetic understanding? I don’t know. I still let my mom pick some of my clothes. Seriously. So I guess I’m bad at it? Or maybe I’m not bad, it’s just that I don’t care. I always figure: “I don’t want to cheat a woman into liking me. If she likes me when I dress bad and when I’m not groomed, she’ll always like me”. It’s like selling stuff, I don’t want to cheat the customer.

I hate to admit it but I have worn the same clothes for 2-3 days in a row, quite a lot of times. But I’m a geeky ENTJ. I dressing well had a purpose for me at this moment, I’d probably do it. We’re utilitiarian, if there’s no purpose to action there is no action. Currently I’m not looking for girls so I don’t care to style my hair or dress like I’m going on a fashion show.

I wouldn’t notice if my friends were wearing the same things each day. I guess I’d notice after 5-6 days but I’m not one of those persons that notice those things. I notice if you’re smart, witty, funny, but you could be wearing three diamond rings and a million dollar diamond necklace around your neck and I wouldn’t notice.

When observing women I notice what most men notice: hips, waist, boobs, face. Dressing well is important too but I kind of look at the global picture. If she’s elegant and nothing stands out, it’s good.


I’m new here and I feel this topic is pretty rich, but others are also, so I’ll state my point generically and maybe later I’ll come back to explain it better.

I think the MBTI types as social constructions have very few to do with genetics. Therefore and bottomline I think we are rare mainly because our society discourages the formation of NT types in general (‘conform to the damn standards don’t matter how out of place they are’) and (‘don’t complain about stuff or people will be intimidated’) EJ types; and we are both.

Obviously this is an oversimplification of my theory, but then again anything else I could quickly write in one paragraph also would be.


Nice. We will wait for you. :wink:


Yes, if someone loves you by who you are, it would be the best. I agree. But as a woma, i dont think man who is " not clean" or" take care of his appearance so much" is sexy at all. Man should be clen and tidy is good. I dont care of man’s appearance than his personality and others :wink:, though a man who has both thing ( to my standard opf evaluating a man) would be extremely sexy :mrgreen:
I like black, white and blue. I think clothes in white suits me most. But maybe im woman, so should not just stick to 1 color in wearing?




ENTJ is not the rarest type.




Elitist detected.


hahahah. Ace, why are you so cruel, kicking him off the cloud so early? let him fly there for a while then!!! :laughing:




ENTJs are perfectinists. Ask ComplexMango then! :wink: