Wondering how to approach an ENTJ woman...


Greetings everyone. I recently met a woman who as far as I can tell is ENTJ. We went out a few days ago and had a great time, we have great chemistry. I tried to kiss her, but she told me that she’s in a complicated relationship currently, and doesn’t want to do anything. I’m really falling for her and wondering how I should approach this. Play it cool and wait? Be aggressive? Please share your thoughts.


You made it clear you are interested in her. In response, she set a boundary by stating that she’s in a relationship and she’s not interested in seeing you. I think you have to respect her wishes and not make any further advances. The ball is in her court.


When a woman says so, it normally means she doesnt know how she feels at the moment. But doesnt want to lose contact with you either.
Step back a little bit, and play it cool as a friend,be happy and positive! until she short out her mind and deal with her own feelings, she would know what to do next, i.e would that be a future with you or not.
Good luck!


This is clearly the interpretation of a “woman” that one can ascribe to SF. ENTJ woman we know all the time how we feel. She might have moral conflicts or emotional conflicts but it does not mean she doesn’t know (is unaware) of how she feels. If he asked about ENTJ women in an ENTJ forum any advice should take into account our nature. This clearly doesn’t.