world war III, will it happen soon?


with the current situation, do you think so?
this makes me think of the prophet that says human race will be destroyed at the end of this year ( Dec 2012). hmm


It’s a big possibility. With war in Syria or Iran, it definitely will lead to WW3.

I am not sure about prophecies, but I firmly believe there are people out there who try to destroy this world before this date (such crazy people they are).


water in East sea is boiling over days.



Turn heat into electricity :smiley:

Make money :smiley:

On the serious note. It is probably a setup. To advance someones agenda. I do believe 90% of things happening in the world are not grass roots originated. It’s someones game.


World War III?

I don’t think so. There’s not enough of an interest in the Middle East from countries besides the U.S. and MAYBE Europe. The reason we are over there is because of the U.S. agenda anyway. Call it War on Terrorism, or Oil, the U.S. had its own reason for rushing into those countries.

In order for another World War to happen, the majority of the Super Powers would have to get involved, and there is just no reason for them to at this point.

On another point, the U.N. wouldn’t let it happen anyway. The United Nations is like the Father of the worlds’ nations. Nothing happens without their approval.

In point?

We are far from another World War.


From what happening recently, world war III might start from east sea…
Well, i wish it wont happen, but well, with fabulousness of human race and crisis time of energy source…what can stop that?


Let them have their wars.

More pussies to us.


war of nowadays with nuclear weapons, can anyone survive? i doubt!


This planet has seen much worse things than us.

Meteorites, volcanoes, earthquakes, magnetic pole shifts, solar flares…I’m sure it will survive.

As for us…maybe yes maybe no. If we won’t survive, then our planet will evolve another type of living creatures, until they learn to live at peace.

As for personally to me…more pussies to me. Let the stupid men die.


imagine little Wasabis all over the world: OMG, it’s disaster! not a good genes anyway. :sunglasses:


Can’t be as bad as getting nuked I presume? Or is it? LOL! :smiley: