Would an ENTJ female make an excellent...


…truck driver?


Truck racer, not truck driver! :wink:


Or both?

I guess I can imagine what happens when someone pisses you off. You just run over them with your truck!

Parking garage…the middle of night. Some four eyes woman with long skirt walks off from the elevator to her car. It’s dark. The moment she inserts the keys into the doors, lights up! What is this? 18 spotlights on her. Engines starts. The woman doesn’t know what happens. The engines roar. She’s terrified. The spotlights start moving towards the woman. Quickly. It’s too late to sit in the car. She starts to run. The lights come even closer. She throws everything in her hands and runs for her life. But it’s too late. The seconds before truck hits her, the terrifying sound of horns paralyze her. She stops running to cover her ears and turns herself towards the coming lights. Then blood flies in all directions.

The truck quickly escapes back into darkness. Nobody saw anything. Nobody is coming down to see what happened. The End.


What a bloody imagination!
I guess you have watched horror movies so much?


It’s either what you just said, or I simply have a natural talent for devising evil plans like that.


Truck racer! hahahaha… :clap:


I laugh my ass off whenever I imagine a female truck racer among hillbilly types opening her mouth and closing her eyes. Cursing them at every possible point and smashing their small asses on the road.

Wow she will need to wash her mouth after each race.

PS: If you have seen the movie called “Paul” about the alien and how the hillbilly types screamed and cried after he said “it’s probing time”…that is exactly how I imagine all those racers will scream and cry at the end of the race.

PSS: No wait, actually they screamed when the one of those idiots showed the picture of the alien to the hillbillies. Yeah that’s where it happened.