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I’m a huge music junkie and I will probably be the only one who posts so much in this topic.
What are you listening to or like to listen to?

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So you’re a soundtrack person…


Couple music threads started already

Most recently I’ve been listening to music mixed to Carl Sagan

On the phone I have the BSG soundtrack and Jack Johnson.

and probably my favorite song ever:


Boring isn’t it?


Sounds like Scince Documentary. I failed to understand the musicsl side of this. However, the last link gave to video saying about S.Hawking. He recently made a documentary about aliens, life and universe (the story so far). The musics in this video are amazing. That what reminded me your last link.

The first link has a good message (despite the music). I wonder, you…personally…how far are willing to go regarding that message? It says that people are infancy and connected to each other. But in todays world we see the opposite. What are you going to do about it? Just speak? Or something else too?

Interesting. Especially that you said your favorite song ever.


Boring is a stupid conclusion. I have tons of soundtracks in my music library…
It’s probably more your thing than mine though because of the mass amounts of hip hop and pop I have.


I hate hip hops.


Unifying humanity and bettering it? I struggle to come up with a vision on how to do this best. It would be solving all of the problems in the world at once. I can say that I’m willing to do my part, but that doesn’t really take care of it all, or much of it for that matter. What ways can you envision? I always hear you talking about NTJs teaming up to make the world a better place. I’m curious to hear the rest of the plan if you have one. Not to put this all on you, but I’m drawing a huge blank here.

An issue of that magnitude isn’t just in need of work, but a plan, and one that all cultures and people could agree with and work on. Even assuming it’s just NTJs, it would still be a very hefty goal.

I said probably my favorite, but there’s not many songs that come close to it. What makes that interesting to you?


Good. Your willingness to do your part mean that you are already half way out of this crisis. The plan is to help people to experience. An experienced individual can be 1000 times more useful than the one who is not. Some mistakes will may not repeat themselves. Thus, huge resources are saved for further steps. I mean, if I found out something useless, then many people may not venture there and save their time and money from getting wasted in that hole. What is not wasted, that is saved. Once sufficient amount of experience estabilished, the plan will get devised. It will come naturally, because the way and vision to get it will become very clear. Crystal clear. Perhaps at the end we will realize that the plan all this time was working together after all. Who knows. The end result will be individuals who are happy with doing what they do. This is the most efficient way for people to function. Otherwise, forcing people to do a task they are unwilling to do is a huge waste of resources. And alot of upkeep. Once that energy is freed up, it will become autonomus. And will fuel itself. Which is the efficiency I’m talking about. Imagine someone who ideally wants to deal with spacecraft testing. Forcing that guy to work on photocopy machine will cause him not just hate his job and life and turn bitter and bitter is unproductive, but also not doing his ideal job will mean that you have one less specialist to do his job at hand. Which one is better? Specialist … or … a photocopier? Obviously some jobs will be left without people willing to do it at all. That may seem as a weakness. But let people understand this. Let them be the judge of it. If people realize that some important jobs are experiencing lack of production which hampers other development, it may be a motivation by itself for some people to come and do it. There are people out there who are willing to do things to keep the wheels turning. The key here is to let them understand that. Not force upon them. Plus some people may be interested in devising technologies that could automate the jobs that humans arent willing to do. That is another efficiency. Because you hit two birds with one stone. First, you dont let scarcity of certain resource. Second, you save those people who not willing to do it. And redirect them to things where they will be more productive. The universe is full of resources. It’s not about mismanagement of it. It’s the lack of technologies to do it. So by creating social catastrophes, we are limiting advancement of technologies and that is basically shooting your own foot. We have to help people experience things. An experienced person is far more valuable than the one who is not. Helping others to experience could be financial or social (someone could help you get somewhere or some job that you are interested in learning by using their social status or power). Every source has to be utilized. The more successful in that we are, the more access to resources then we have. An experienced person is also a source of greater resources. Resourcefullness. That is what we need to improve in todays people. Resourcefullness. What we lack is resourcefullness.

I could go on in typing, but I will stop now to not confuse you in case you couldnt follow this far.

Everyone wants their lives to be meaningfull. Everyone wants to learn whats beyound. Everyone has curiousity. Actually this curiousity thing is tremendious. People can be united on a plan that is based on these things.

Because it could be an INTJ thing? That why interesting?


The hardest part of following was not losing my place in that wall of text. If anything, it was oversimplified.

What was interesting was the idea of specialties, and that’s why I think an NTJ world could not survive. Who would be willing to do the boring jobs? You could easily get a workplace of the other types who would be happy doing those jobs assuming that they get to talk to eachother or get enough of a payoff.

As far as people being motivated by a lack of production, I think that some N needs to be nurtured in society. A lot of people just don’t seem to get the big picture enough to do anything about it.

Another interesting thing is about the resources. Obviously we can state that the universe is full of them, but this places demands on our tech in order to retrieve them, and it’s hard to picture that happening soon. We always will make jumps in technology, but I still presume we have a several jumps to go first.

Social catastrophes is another giant deal. It really is the way that the plans aren’t formed, and the way the resources are wasted.

On a personal level, and how I can fit into this plan, which may be addressing your last post, I think my place is more directed in a psychological level. I’m always looking to optimize the mind. As you stated, if there’s any time that I can save somebody wasting time by letting them avoid the mistakes I’ve made, I love the opportunity. I’d love to be able to find my mistakes in enough other people to add another life or two back into the world. In a few years, that goal could be quite the understatement as well.

My greatest interest is psych. There’s nothing like it for me. If there is a vision I have right now, it would be teaching others about mind maintenance. There are so many things that we overlook in our heads and are not in touch with. I think this issue is more or less tossed aside, as many people look externally to try and fix their lives.

I can definitely agree with that. I think we just need to remind people that there’s more to life than plans for the weekend, and what’s on tv tonight. On the other hand, finding a common goal to agree on is a bit trickier.

lol… could you explain it for me just a bit more? what makes it an INTJ thing? My only immediate conclusion is the lack of words, but that seems too easy.


Then how do you explain those N who did boring jobs to get what they want? It’s a tradeoff. Somebody has to do it for the sake of everyone else. If it starts pulling others in, I’m sure some will volunteer for the sake of efficiency.

Nurtured by whom? If other N’s cooperate, they don’t need nurtuing. You don’t need thousands to get started. Some 2 or 3 people are enough to get you beyound the need of nurturing.

And cutting spending on technology makes it even harder to happen soon. Lack of efficiency leads to crisis. Crisis is inefficiency by itself. Inefficiency creates more inefficiency. Like a plague. If you don’t get it fixed soon, it will swallow everyone and everything.


And how you going to help people maintain their heads when you cant maintain your own? Psychology is done in relation to real life situations. Handling real life situations is the precursor to maintaining psychology. Not the otherwise. I think psychology is a good goal, but it still passes through the same avenue as I keep telling.

Finding the common goal is easy. Seeing them acting on it, is not.


You’re comparing a group goal to the world where people live for themselves. I was saying that in a group effort, there would be many NTs who would rather not do the simple tasks, or be lead by others.

I was stating that non-N’s, or N’s who don’t see the big picture well would need the nurturing, rather than N’s with some enlightenment.

wow lol… stating that somebody can’t maintain there psychology is very nice of you. I am really glad I’m not looking for validation at the moment.

Aside from that, there are ways to gain psychological wellness, or knowledge, without handling real life situations. As much as you’re a hardcore experience guy, there is learning that isn’t hands on. It also helps to work on the whole of how you think people will just come together and begin working at bettering the world.

If it is a common goal, acting shouldn’t be a problem. Many times it is not a common goal. I can’t disagree more with that statement.


And if you don’t have a source of nurturing, what choises do you have left? End of story? Or people will team up together since it has become their “priority” after all? And if that happens, then you don’t need nurturing.

Wasn’t that you who were seeking focus? Psychology books will not teach you everything. You need far more experience than books to learn to deal with situations. And if you don’t know what the real situations are, then there are little or no effect of psychology knowledge for you.

I think you were meant priorities just like in another topic rather than goals.





Good taste


I too get completely worked up by video game music. This is a good example of something that gets me mentally pumped up:

To those who fight further–live

The man playing the keyboards is Nobuo Uematsu, who is a prolific game music writer.


Here’s one of my favorites from Nobuo Uematsu: