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My goodness. You both like music I did not expect. I listened to a clip of one of the songs you posted Wasabi and it’s the softest and most compelling piano piece I’ve heard…It’s emotionally tipping.
soundtrack you may already have
A song that sort of defines my personal views at least about dudes.
I love her as well as colbie caillet.
Hopeful junk.
I’m in love with his voice…This kind of shit is stuff that give me hope I don’t need hahahaha. It is that influential.
Yes, this is definitely the attitude I like to have.
This is more something I would run to.
I enjoy the mystery of this one.
Something more rough is more what I like to run too. Gives me the anger that fuels my motivation
Nice military hint
This is a personal favorite.
I’m sure hip hop isn’t your thing but some of these songs have a good beat and sound at least to me, even if what they glamorize is wrong haha


My favorite part was seeing the numb video and thinking that the backdrop looked like Prague and finding it to be true. I just got back about two and a half weeks ago and loved it. Very beautiful city.

I think that’s enough music to put up for now.


September by Pomplamoose

Beat it by Pomplamoose … ure=relmfu

From the number of views, apparently many people think these kids are good.



Awesome dude! These guys are really cool… I like this kind of stuff, it puts me in a great mood


My favorite workout tunes:

Still Ballin - Tupac ft Trick Daddy

Particle Explosion - Novadriver (this is a video of a crossfit WOD to the music) Chris Spealler is a madman


Do you only like a select few of his songs? My father likes about all of them. I feel like they’re to “thug” for me but I like some of the slower stuff.
Reminds me of these songs:
Are you familiar with Tinie Tempah?


BSG and Terminator soundtracks are purely AMAZING! I do have more tracks for BSG too. Prelude to War is absolutely SUPERB. I especially love the scene of that music during the show. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have simalar shows anymore. People suddenly decided that Sci-Fi has become useless. What a shame…Here’s my another favorite for BSG:


One word: Firefly




One of the best groups of all time. ABBA … ure=relmfu … ure=relmfu




Markus Schulz feat. Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me


Right now listening to folk music … Pmq1V7FjPc

It’s easier to say what I don’t like. Don’t like Rap, Country, or female lead vocals. I am music junkie too, always have music playing, if it’s not talk radio time, or good action TV shows. Prefer strings over other instruments.