You might be an ENTJ if...


All the forums of this type have it, so I opened it for our forum.

You might be an ENTJ if:

  • you have a couple of business ideas every day
  • you view everything through the cost-benefit prism
  • you can't or wont lose a debate
  • your brain is filled with tonnes of random useless facts
  • you can remember what someone said a month ago in the exact words
  • you finish people's "what was his name" sentences or any other sentence where they stop talking due to a brain freeze
  • you discuss things with your teacher in a calm manner and later find out that people viewed it as an argument or a fierce quarrel
  • people always choose you to be the speaker/leader/captain of the group even when you don't want to
  • you don't know when you're stressed or if you experience stress at all
  • you have the calmest head in a crysis


Ha ha ha ...

I liked these two ..

  • You have this question -some times-: Why do people cry and have tears?
  • You feel it's quite boring to work on the same thing or the same project for more than 3 Months!
  • You feel that you're a bit afread when you think of having a wife and family, how time would be managed?
  • Your biggest concern is time wasted, thus, it's a big challenge to have fun as other people view it!
  • Your biggest joy is to get in an argument that the old Palm Pilot is better than an iPhone, and win the argument!!

  • You think that iPhone, Windows Mobile and MS Windows are crap, why? Because they're mainstream .

  • You might go to the darkside for "Business Needs", dark side = Microsoft Products .

And the list goes, I'll add more when there is time available ..


I think my personal variant of this one is, "You turn every idea into a business idea." I can't ponder a hobby for more than five minutes without thinking about how to turn a profit and/or become famous with it. hah

This one makes me surprisingly happy. I haven't actually come across too many people who seem to really understand this fundament of my Philosophy.

Everyone else have that Steel Trap memory like this? I remember... pretty much everything I see, hear, or do. I have phone numbers in my head of friends in freakin' kindergarden.

Friends have used the phrase, 'Valium for Blood'. While I guess the affect fits fair enough, I'm actually hypervigilant most of the time... I just don't -seem- worked up. People seem to translate apparent calm with, "Whatever duuuude" obliviousness. Meanwhile, in my head, it's more like those movie shots where the cyborg is running a hundred different scans, angles, fingerprints, etc. with a bored glance. laugh


I don't agree about remembering phone numbers, names and a path to a certain place .

Can any body of you confirm that this is a trait of an ENTJ?


Names I remember better than faces. Names of actors, politicians, any famous people, teachers, schoolmates. I do forget names often right after people introduce themselves but so does pretty much everyone because of the nervousness when meeting new people. But I can remember names and surnames of all the people that went to my elementary school and high school and college. With the invention of mobile phones my brain just crossed off phone numbers from the list of important things to remember. Why would I remember phone numbers if the mobile phone saves them?

Remembering streets and paths to a certain place is my weakest spot. I'm useless at that. I can't even get around some parts of my relatively small town, I got lost in my own town once and it's not like it's big, it has only 70k inhabitants. I blame it on intuitiveness. Sensers own me at this stuff. My dad remembers places and streets with photographic memory. (ESTJ)

I've noticed that I remember faces only on recognition basis. I can recognize a face I haven't seen in ten years when I see it again, but sometimes I cant picture clearly in my head what my best friends look like.


Yeah, the phone number example was probably not the best as it's not as well indicative of what I was trying to describe so much as a true-but-absurd example that amused me at the time. Can't believe I remember ANYthing from when I was five years old, but there that info sits...

I'm not so great with names. This surprises me a bit as I'm so semi-eidetic with most other things.

I'm pretty solid with navigation. Have some issues with street NAMES, though. More of a recollection by visual landmark trick than knowing the actual route. I've gotten my sense of direction back... When I first moved back to Texas from Albuquerque I was pretty disoriented for a while. Where are the fucking mountains?! hah

Similar. I can visualize people pretty well, and I have a knack for comparisons (He looks like a skinny John Candy, etc)... One bit of weirdness is the breakdown in my brain between visual and processing to verbal. I can picture people vividly, but I'd be hard-pressed to describe them to you.


Now that we are similar in that regard, I add to it that I imagine any city as domains to the limit that I can't imagine that a certain area is open on the other area and are adjacent, that is, weak sense of direction and relation between adjacent locations (Domains) ..

On the other side, I'm -by nature- not a good car driver, especially when it comes to horizontal parking, or driving in narrow places ..


Exactly. [Most] people have two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth, what more do you want??? :wink:


If anecdotal counts, I can.


If you regularly ask yourself, "How can anybody be that dense?" you might be an ENTJ.

If the concept of shyness totally eludes you, you might be an ENTJ.

If you always win gross-out contests, you might be an ENTJ.

If ignorance in others irritates you, you might be an ENTJ.

If people who "spiritualize" everything irritate you, you might be an ENTJ.

If this list irritates you, you might be an ENTJ. :mrgreen:




Fascinating! I am deadly in trivia contests, because of all the random facts in my brain. And, indeed, what seem to me to be clear and incisive but nonconfrontational discussions are often interpreted by others as angry. Most of the others hit for me too…


you have an admiration for someone, regardless if what they did was good or bad, if they accomplished their task effeciently.


Agreed… (almost)… I admire excellence of any kind, even if I don’t agree with the outcome


Agreed… (almost)… I admire excellence of any kind, even if I don’t agree with the outcome

I think you stated my intent more fully. I consider efficiency to be one of the forms of excellence.


Interesting. Although that list might be slightly more specific to you. :slight_smile:

Here’s my list

You might be an ENTJ if:

  • people don’t understand how you’ve managed to get A’s on everything when you hardly study
  • people find it annoying that you can do a lot of work in very little time, and either think you’re a showoff or arrogant
  • you’ve gotten out of trouble or else compromising situations due to your charm, wit and charisma
  • you feel uncomfortable when someone cries in front of you; this is because you would never cry in front of anyone. in fact, all your closest friends have never ever seen you cry. the only time you cry is by yourself in your room while you wear a brave face to the rest of the world
  • you keep your feelings well guarded and possess a secret sentimental streak. if people read your secret blog or thoughts, they would be shocked to know it was written by you
  • you are good at connecting people together and when you meet someone, you think of how that person can potentially fit into your master plan
  • heated discussions turn you on sexually, but you become extremely irritated if someone questions your competence; then all hell breaks loose, and you make that person suffer
  • people have mentioned that oftentimes, you can possess a cruel streak. however, this isn’t because you are actually cruel, but that you’re playing the hierarchy game, and with some people, you need to put them in their place with your peers as witnesses
  • you are particularly skilled in analysing people, and know when to go for the jugular when someone pisses you off; most people get angrier because you’re often grinning as you’re pointing out their inadequacies; you are also undaunted by criticism. when people criticize you, it’s because you got to them psychologically and touched a sensitive nerve and you keep that information stored for the future when you need to pull out a wild card or else if it’s constructive criticism by someone you respect, you use that for self-improvement purposes
    -you are good at manipulating people to the extent that once you size someone down, you know exactly what to say to that person to get that person to do what you want; this power you try to use for good only and not to purposely hurt people (unless they piss you off) :laughing:
  • when something doesn’t go according to plan, you have two alternate plans ready or else an attitude of “we can do it” even if odds aren’t looking likely
  • you have a nurturing, or else a mentor quality and quiet confidence about you at first impression, then people may realize that you can also be kind of a bitch or an asshole when necessary
  • you feel secretly lonely even if you’re surrounded by people who adore and admire you and have a calendar filled with events; sometimes you wonder what success is all about


We have an ESTJ government…cost is not an issue, neither is future.


Oddly, now that you mention it, I feel the same…even for my adversaries’ accomplishments…for instance…Pelosi…hate her and the result but I do admire her guts.



If I were inclined to expend the effort to type out an entire response, it would very likely match yours. Well said I think you nailed it.