You might be an ENTJ if...


Actually this can be an interesting discussion. I believe that becoming rich is getting easier every day, and requires less and less capital. In other words, if you could and would build a large company, you can probably find a way to do it faster than it looks. Its not the idea that matters as much as its execution - the good news is that its possible to get further and further without requiring large amounts of capital. Since its getting simpler to have a proof of concept/ feasibility - i.e. a way to show value, raising money is getting easier too.

I have a feeling eventually this forum will be an interesting source of talent.


if i ever trust anyone with my biography it’s proteus!!

I just HAVE TO add:

  • if you start assessing a situation as interesting at a point where others already give up! Or in other word’s if you reagularily hear: Amazing, you started beeing really good after a point where i had long given up.
    giving up as long as you’ve got time is stupid because then you’ll for sure fail :wink: continuing trying might still bring you success

  • Another criteria might be a great talent for math. Me and the 2 other ENTJs I know have a knack for mathematics: One of the others sees the colour of numbers (no BS, some really gifted people do see that) the other used to see it as he was a child. And myself, I used to see functions as some kind of geometry (although they didn’t have ANYTHING to do with geometry)… as I was a teenager (and I didn’t smoke anything :smiley: )

Does anyoneelse here is really, really good at math?


I’m pretty crappy at math.

I like to think that bad professors have ruined it for me.


Strange, man! Not me! Math used to be one of my favorite subjects ( even in school, undergrad or post grad), and i used to be very good at it. Yes, professors have ruined you when they dont explain the root of the fomula ( which is really sick, i mostly tried to prove some fomula myself to understand it better, whatever the way they taught me). Or maybe because im balanced brained, hence i was good at many subjects whether it’s for the left or the right brain? not sure.
I think there are some reasons for not liking a subjects:

  • you hate the professor :wink:
  • you find the subject useless/crappy, then not mind spending time on studying it ( which is obviously not)
  • you dont understand the basic/root, you dont know how to deal with it, hence being lazy with it, and then doesnt like it.
    And yes, if you dont use some knowledge for long, you might forget it. So if it’s useful, try to remind it and use it frequently. :slight_smile:


Another criteria might be a great talent for math. Me and the 2 other ENTJs I know have a knack for mathematics: One of the others sees the colour of numbers (no BS, some really gifted people do see that) the other used to see it as he was a child.

I saw something like this on NatGeo or Discovery. One of the ccolest things I have ever seen. All these gifted people seeing colors that were tied to numbers, words, even music. Some people had other sensory reactions, too.


Why am I not surprised by this?

Oh yeah. All Asians are awesome at math :nerd: :smiley:

I really wonder if there’s a rational explanation to this. I mean there has to be.

I don’t remember where, but I’m pretty sure I read some statistics that show Asians rule at math more than any other race.


It’s so great. I wish i could see the colour too!!!
I have read this article talking about that.
I guess you guys have very interesting childhood? WOW! I’d love to hear so much. Why dont you tell something about it? I have a thread for that for everyone to share. As i think ENTJ’s childhood sometimes is a little abnormal :wink:


Dont worry, man, i have this for you to master math:


You might be an ENTJ if:

You see everything as an opportunity to learn and develop your skills.
You are driven by an entrepreneurial mind.
You are juggling many projects at once and able to keep up.
You find intellect to be pretty god damn sexy. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • You find yourself constantly referring to battle maps from WWII while reading Band of Brothers and obsessing over how you would have planned the Utah beach attack seamlessly…at 4am…because it is JUST SO INTERESTING

  • You know who in your family and friends that you DO NOT want to play boardgames with because they take too damn long to make a move or are just plain dumb

If you’re a female:

  • You find yourself wondering if this is when you should be crying, and then feel guilty for not crying
  • You are an awesome girlfriend until he does something REALLY douchey and unforgivable. That’s when you lose your shit. BIG TIME. But eloquently, rationally, and condescendingly… because physical bashings are for barbarians and tears are for battered women


I love this one, you have confirmed my ENTJishness for me. I also find that I have no idea I’m stressed until I comb my hair out in the shower and I get a handful of hair!


You might be an ENTJ if you easily get obsessed with scientific theories.

I am currently into personality, IQ, and genetic research.

Also, the strength of your memory is not an indicator of personality. It’s true that with certain personality you’d be more inclined to like stuff like memorizing phone numbers, but only if your memory serves you well. For example, I have an INTJ friend who enjoys that, and she has a photographic memory. I can’t even remember the names of people I talk to.