Your ENTJ Thoughts on Other Types


Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to talk about our experiences with other personality types. Here is my list:

-INFP–I get along very well with my INFP friends. In a conversation, I’m usually the one to bring up the topic. Sometimes it’s a little one-sided (I talk more) but in the end we both get a laugh.

-INTJ–I know exactly one INTJ; they are as rare as ENTJs. We’ve known each other since we were toddlers and are good friends. From this experience, I can tell you that it’s pretty hard for and ENTJ and INTJ to get along. Both of us are argumentative, so we can’t really tolerate even small differences between us, especially since we view each other as “competitors” or “rivals”. I often don’t understand what she is thinking, hence the ‘I’, and I’d feel the need to justify myself.

Do any of you have that problem with introverts who don’t show what they think about your arguments?

Anyways, have fun with this thread!


ENTP: The one’s I’ve encountered are usually very much into sports, history, arguing and world religions. I do like them, however, their ability to be socially diplomatic despite the logical information in front of them is annoying.

ENFJ: The female ones are usually very motherly, funny, happy and giving. On the flip side, they can be neurotic and enraged if they don’t get their way or if they feel their is disharmony with their opinions of any sort i.e. ongoing debates or criticism.

INTP: This type intrigues me because their functions are on the other side of the spectrum of my functions. For example, ask us a questions such as, “What do you think is wrong with the world today?” I’d name a list of things in an instant along with the solutions while they are still thinking about the Murray Rothbard book they were reading three days ago. But after a couple days, they’ll come up with all the issues, who started them, who they affect, and that it’s futile to even try and fix them. Also, their Fe and Ne functions at certain times make them childlike and very charming.

ISTP: I like their positive outlook on life and can do attitude, but their little picture mind makes it difficult to have an intellectual conversation about theories. I’ve found that talking about things (i.e. cars, guns, tools, fishing, food) makes the conversation go more smoothly.

ESFJ: Lots of fun and bubbly people, but suddenly the world is ending and who will save them? Also, their schoolyard mentality of ‘everybody play nice’ mindset is exhausting.

INTJ: I’ve met about six INTJ’s so far and interestingly three were accountants, one an inventor, and two work for a tech company. We see things very similarly and they are nice, and intelligent but they do lack passion, or rather, the ability to show it. Usually they’re the ones to throw up the white flag or yell and get angry when I debate with them.

ESTP: Fun, jovial. and good with numbers but very temperamental and also sly in actions to make a buck. I think it’s the inferior Ni that makes it difficult for them to see the ramifications of their sensually-driven quick decision.

ISFP: The one’s I’ve met are nice and helpful, but piss them off for whatever reason and they are passive aggressive and even violent. Also, they can be whiny at times and don’t take criticism very well.