Your Life Formula


I’m curious to hear what people have to say about the way they like to live their lives. One of the more interesting bits of information I’ve come across about Te doms is that we live our lives according to a rational program; a set of guidelines about how to go about living effectively, in line with the truth about the world in which we find ourselves. What I’m curious to hear is, what general “rules of thumb” have proven most effective for you?

In my life, I like to live by the principle of “Learn, Apply, Refine”; absorb as much information as you can, apply what you learn, and refine the principles so that they’re fluidly and easily applied to the relevant circumstances in your life. Basically, I think the most important thing to do is to make sure you’re working with what you know to be true, and that you learn to draw the right principles and apply them in the right situations. Openness to new information is extremely important, provided you can take that info and make it yours. Once this is mastered, any number of principles become open and easily made to work for you; it becomes easy to learn what is relevant and to apply it in the right circumstances. The good news is, the process never ends; I rarely go a day without learning something new, because I’m always striving to do so.