Your take on the NFs


What do you guys and gals think of NF’s? Any experiences, challenges, rewards?






ENFPs are cool. One of my best friends is an ENFP.

ENFJs are nice too but can be a little annoying, touchy feely and sometimes hypocritical, non-genuine.

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that’s INFP or INFJ.

From what I’ve read, INFPs get along well with ENTJs.


Well, i have some experience with stuffs above:

  • ENFJ: not sure
  • ENFPs: I know 2. One is my ex bf, the other is my sister. They are all smart, caring, have charisma when dealing with others–> they have huge amount of aquaintance. The most piss off thing is they are really very not decisive, and get close to many people which can cause so much problem that they even can not regconise. It’s fun to be around with them anyway. (with my ex bf: we made a nice couple with jokes around, can understand each other very welll via intuitive: he can read my mind very well and so do i with him)
  • INFJ: one of my cousins. He is nice one, caring person.
  • INFP: my friend and aunt. Well, they are REALLY nice, peace maker, willing to listen to friends and be kind with friend. Sometimes they are a little fool to be used by bad people ( example one of my ex-friend in university- ESTP).
    I get along well with them all.
    In conclusion: I guess you (ENTJ) can get along well with NF type.
    If you have read Socionis’ description about the appearance and traits to regconise the personality types via visual method, you can be very suprised that they descript people in a very correct way :slight_smile:



Ooooh interesting answers :mrgreen:

From my fellow NFs, I seem to have the least conflict with INFPs, love-hate relationship with ENFJs, silent and deep understanding yet challenging relationships with INFJs and am either best friends or best foes with ENFPs… those lovely ENFPs always end up as friends most of the time :hand:


ENFJ- In my experience, this guys are horribly meddling people who are unnecessarily loud and tend to disturb me with their unstable and ill-thought words and actions. Women are a little more bearable, since they tend to be less assertive. I can only remember one ENFJ that I actually LIKE, and I’ve know A LOT (well, it is not like they are exactly hiding…). In fact, there is one ENFJ in particular that reminds me of a quotation from some Brazilian humorist: “to see stupid people in action just depresses me”.

INFJ- To intuitive for their own good. I’ve been in love with some INFJ girl years ago. She was quiet, deep and introspective, but sometimes their feelings would emerge in a very palpable way. I won’t go into details, but been a woman in the situation she was at that moment really made she take lots of shit and she could take it like a champ. That’s something I can really respect someone for. Overall, INFJs are the ones that you need to share some values with in order to like them. Otherwise, forget it.

ENFP- I actually like this guys. Since they are not making hasted judgments about things they didn’t took the time to understand like ENFJs, they can be interesting companies for parties and such. When crisis emerge or it is time to “get serious”, though, they hand over the command to me or some other NTJ type, nice and slow, as it is meant to be. I remember some really hot ENFP I’ve met at a bar, once. She was as unstable and scatty as she was charming. It worked.

INFP- The ‘best’ of them, so far. One of my… let’s say… ‘potential lovers?’ Is a really NICE, very smart and deeply intuitive INFP. So was my ex-girlfriend. I’m not particularly attracted to ‘good girls’, but I gotta say that something about ‘dreamy eyes’ and unspoken deep feelings somehow turn me on. This type is also one of the few non-NTs capable of having a decent conversation and that’s really important to me. As I’ve said before in this forum, I love INFPs. Both men and women are great company if you can get their attention.


ENFJ- I attract these types as if they’re magnetized to me. That and I always get along well with them. They know how to get things done and they’re not assholes about doing so.

INFJ- Extremely moral and virtuous people, they are. I can get along with these types in a church setting but outstide of that… oh hell no. They’re way too sensitive and I’m much too rough around the edges so it’s a bad combo… :confused:

ENFP- I can get along great with ENFP males but I just piss off ENFP females. Just one breaking of the rules or “immoral” act and they hate me, the ENFP females do. However, the ENFP male types and me get along like two peas in a pod. Both of us like to have fun, pull pranks, and go about our merrymaking. That and they have much more vivid imaginations than SPs, so we can have more to talk about.

INFP- These types can be the most loyal friends one can have. They can be there for you when nobody else is. That and they’re some of the most moral and virtious people you can meet. However, the catch with them is that they’re so sensitive. Dealing with them is like dealing with a beautiful glass vase; one wrong move and you break them. It’s such an annoyance…


In the past 2 weeks I ran into an ENFJ twice, we fell out! :imp:
But we always seem to be best friends again, after 3 days or so. It annoys the heck out of me, and drains my emotional energy, yet when we’re friends again, we’re having such a good time that I forget to demand an apology sometimes :confused:
Could it be underlying ENFJ charm? -.-


ENFPs= the best

INFPs= conversation is great in limited doses. Also I think INFPs are like the mirror souls to ENTJs. We are so similiar internally- yet so different on the outside.

ENFJs= I can’t help but lose interest once they start talking- it’s as if my mind starts to drift! I hate the “sales” personality and they come off as inauthentic

INFJs= I find them needy, controlling and manipulative, but in work situations, they are easy to work with

BTW, my sample is limited to men. Not sure about the female types above as most of my female friends are ENTPs


I like ENFP’s the most. Some of my close friends when I was younger were ENFP. I love how spontaneous and chaotic they can be. They’re also some of the more creative people I know who can start bouncing creative ideas with me, so we inspire one another - takes much less time than say brainstorming with an introvert. Not that brainstorming with introverts is bad, just the ideas and inspiration come out faster with the ENFP. Plus ENFP talk a lot, so it is more stimulating to be around them, and their personal energies are pretty infectious. =]

Put me and an ENFP in a room with a video gaming console that allows two-players, and I’m like a kid in a candy shop.


I have both an INFP and an ENFP friend.

Btw, I have many CLEVER diplomats and analyst friends. The total Overkill for noob teachers. (EPIC)
First you have the motherfucking ESTJ raging, then the calm INTP and INFP’s throw out a well tought check-mate (thanks to INTJ mode engaged guy intervention) logical and diplomaticly placed argument. The ENTP smoothing things out and getting the feelers into thinking mode with his charismatic quick witted talks (so funny) :dance: . and the SFJ’s hiding form the storm! :violin:

Before I start, Diplomats are useful better intermediates between mastermind Analysts and the rest part of your plan. ( you can use them for anythign that is human relation, such as keeping an INTJ from turning against you :smiley:)
They have many uses.

In my case I have a very intelligent INFP ( you will mistake him for analyst forever probably)

My ENFP loves me, side note: ENFP+ENTP = Joyful cheer-leading twins of Leadership!
ENFP + other analyst are interesting. The ENFP friend is very mature individual and has all traits. ENFP being a preference.
He came to me criticising other’s feelings, with his own feelings and thinking and he was of a higher counciousness that involved superior understanding, uncompatible with newbs. He saw in me a very Trustworthy Leader (the dream of diplomats).

The INFP is recognised as the most inteligent of my class (because he spent time showing it off (not with the bad intonetion). but behind his mature thoughts is a feeler :sunglasses: . But his intuition is focused on material connections, instead of diplomatic human relations… A deep Intuitive mind and the Fast mind uses feelings. An interesting mix to talk to! He lacks judgement (use of quick mind) so his logic deep brain accompaniesh feels and …complex.

He does show sometimes the ‘‘It’s meant to be’’ idealistic Bias although he brags being realist, but with the lack of understanding, has a very cynical view of society (EXTREME).

His an INTP who happens to be…INFP???

His feelings combined with his prospection can give place to a veyr rare phenomenon , the opposite extreme of closed mind. The Totalitarian temporal Agnosticism, That’s not his primary state, but he will spend most time denying shit, too bad, he could of been a good agnostic talk.

Another is an ESTJ, holy-shit the extreme exemple of S’s valuing knowledge of understanding. The wikipedia dictionary he is. He also has the Extreme Judgement Bias with Rare but existing close mind. I’m pretty sure, if he’s not agnostic, I know he is Agnostic within the realm of Theist hypothesises lol, so if you want some constructive theism, he is a decent source of constructive knowledge.


My best friend is an INFP
so so smart, offers depth and introspection.

Does lack logic and judgment which have gotten her in trouble through life.

We compliment each other.

i love long conversations with her!!!