SciFi Branch Hypothesis: Why good Wins the Universe.

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SciFi Branch Hypothesis: Why good Wins the Universe.

Postby LOST TALE » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:05 am

First, the Reality hypothesis branches that this is part of: Most Hypothesis branches where Aliens exist. If not, it is still applicable at lower, believed to exist, scales.

Initial inspirational thought: Will a War-oriented Civilization(Say the Biological civilization has one goal and is one with it, no revolts ))with dominate all others and grow continuously? Will the Stable United Evil take over? At first it would seem so, but projecting into the future and Territory, good wins.
Note: if you get confused check conclusion at the end, I'm young English is my 3rd so ...yeah.

[Scales are refering to which level division occurs, Ex: division between empires within a planet, divisions of solar systems within galaxy, division of multi-solar empires within a galaxy, divisions ] Divisons mean at which level people start to fight instead of unite. Dum exemple: instead of fighting over sex differences, unite and offspring. division scale would be called : Sex. Theres also divisions by religious belief, values and sex-orientation.

Evil will Dominate their chosen scale and lower ones, but will be defeated on bigger scales.
This can be applied at any scale. Let me explain:

First low scale abstract exemple
Abstract Exemple( compare Libya with USA): Let's say X group decide to war others for reasons (e.q. religious beliefs sex-orientation, biological race, distances). If the Good groups are strong enough and win then :dance: , if not then Evil will consume itself, and by the time it stabilizes after defeating all other evil ( if it succeeds not completely annihilating itself ) A *Good* civilization who spent time allying and advancing instead of fighting will have an advantage on the higher scale!

Lower scale: One of the WarLords won the country!
Also Higher Scale winner: Meanwhile, mini-countries united into '' the United states of America'' instead of fighting Whos the boss now? Side note: I live in Canada
Second Higher Scales abstract exemple: The humans decide to war aliens (X reason). ( just as we did racism, we lack the constitutional equal acceptance of Aliens, so we have the morals to terminate or enslave them).
Humans fight, and say the Allied Advanced Moral Alien civilisations are too small/little compared to those that act like the humans. The aggressive civilizations will prevail as in Lybia ( if they dont then good wins and done!)

Parallely elsewhere: A galaxy allies thanks to enough *equal* acceptance of differences and since did not lose time on war and advanced instead. This galaxy will destroy by defence(or not) others.

Adressing BIAS: If an ''alliance'' is less efficient at growing then one who spent time destroying others then bad wins.
But then sooner or later, A more powerful civilization will be met and war will be fought.
the maximum potential is still the perfect civilization (no matter the scale, call all advanced living beings in a galaxy a civilization alone when talking on higher scales).

Even if shit happens at one scale and bad wins it, next scale will fix. an interdimensional war ( or whatever scale follows) will have chance of having good. Otherwise Bad eventually kills itself and it starts over, because eternity is endless. (Sci-fi hypothesis on civilization war&diplomatic behavior advancement will have the same implications observed at currently observable scales (on our Planet right now) )

Conclusion: Even though Powerful stable durable good is harder to achieve(more rare) then evil (reference: Good is harder to do then Evil), Eventually that good happens at the highest scales and until then, war cleans the universe from the bad ( bad also destroy itself, not only good).

So has someone read this, would be a shame if I got no comments :violin:
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Re: SciFi Branch Hypothesis: Why good Wins the Universe.

Postby LOST TALE » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:12 am

Should I repost on INTP/INTJ forums ( haven't epxlored those yet) ?
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