How to be more creative

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How to be more creative

Postby ComplexMango » Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:36 pm

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Advice from John Cleese (who I suspect is an ENTJ) on how to be more creative:

I know plenty of creative ENTPs, in fact, I thought Cleese was probably an ENTP, until I watched some of his interviews, and discovered to my great surprise, that he was a J. This seems pretty valuable advice on creativity, which I think is generally considered the domain of the Ps and Nes.

"Life gets better if we admit that its already pretty good"
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Re: How to be more creative

Postby sunjay » Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:10 am

creative is not an very big matter.mainly reading the books are used to developed the creative sense.
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Re: How to be more creative

Postby kenza010 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:52 am

Hmmm. I've learned that a lot of books are often based on things that happened in real life, sometimes even if they are fantasy, so I channel that into intellectual or creative pursuits. Even though I like an organized approach to things so that I can hopefully achieve a structured outcome I think about the way a day in real life can sometimes change on a dime and be full of unforeseen obstacles so I've learned to leave room to play with some random ideas and alter things as new information or ideas arise that way I don't end up working the whole project into
a corner.

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Re: How to be more creative

Postby Mythikh » Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:47 pm

He's probably an ENFP. All of his rhetoric is about how he has ideas (Ne) and has sudden shifts in his mentality from something as little as a night's sleep. He also has that nasally voice common for NFs. He's disorganized and loses scripts, difficulty sticking to one things, gets distracted from his work by something else, can't really return to it. Though really I snap typed him based on his previous acting career and the way he handles himself. He reminds me of an ENFP latin teacher, tall, lanky and very friendly/mentoring.

I once listened to one of his radio interviews in which he talks about having an intern, I typed her an ENTJ based on what he said about her and how ENFPs perceive ENTJs. The relationship is one of social benefit. ENFPs benefit from ENTJs. It's not a terrible relationship as long as it has to do with work and if the benefactor (ENFP) is in a superior position. However, in close proximity and over long durations it become very unpleasant. You begin to notice all of the inherent failures in their manner of doing anything. Eventually figuring out that it was silly to be their servant for so long and that they need to grow up.

Be warned: Advice from conflicting types should only be considered for the sake of knowing all sides of an issue. Try to limit your advice to more experienced versions of your own type or your mirror type. For ENTJ it is the reversed of the first two functions the Intuitive-Logical-Introvert. In MBTI its the INTJ, in Socionics its the INTp. The un-capitalized p is on purpose.

For creativity from any specific field (Music, theater, culinary) find experts in the field. Another warning, these are more Si types and ENTJ try hard to avoid it like the plague. If you want to be very competent in a sideline interest you will come into conflict, be ready for this.

Unlike what John Cleese said, his solution is a very Ne solution. ENTP and ENFP need personal space in order to expand their mind and work out issues. ENTJ creativity on the other hand shines brightest in the throws of chaos. The height of my creativity have always been both brilliant and invisible because of the setting: the urgency of the completion of a project. You won't notice it at the time, but you will notice it upon reflection. Split second decisions, marshaling all of your available resources, arduous work, don't look creative but definitely can be.

If you are attempting to be creative according to John Cleese's definition of creative, then you must consider his advice for trying to be that. I found that when I have personal space and personal time, physical and mental, I am very creative in a very Extroverted Intuitive way. I come up with previously unseen ideas. This is also where my posts are written. In the midst of a quiet room, noise cancelling headphones, comfortable setting, a liter of coffee, and most importantly a degree of respect from the people around me so as to never be interrupted by trivial matters.

If I wanted to be creative with regards to relationships, something that ENFPs do on a regular basis with their Fi being in their creative block, I'm rather out of luck. I really can't tell who likes whom and what the relationships are like. I have always been oblivious to how others perceive me on a personal basis unless they come out and say it directly. I can only replicate what I have seen to be effective. This is where you get comical after-school specials about Ne-Fi types attempting to set up their Fi-suggestible (ENTJ/ESTJ) friends on dates and telling them to do X or whatever, always to comical effects.

This is part of what drives me to be such an overachiever in everything. Because no one hates a professional. Professional is the only mono-polar positive adjective. You can be good at bad things, and a master of disaster, but being a professional killer or professional screw up makes it sound like career move, as if you are an agent only being incompetent as part of your job.

The real answer however, for all of your creativity needs is to use your very own creative function: Ni. Not only will you be more creative, but you will be a more rounded, better developed ENTJ. This is the true secret to being the superman ENTJ we all want to be. If I wanted to be more creative with my relationships I should instead rely on being myself, and I am deep down a romantic. Ni lets me imagine scenarios what would only exist in movies. Instead of listening to my idiot friend (for some reason ENTJs make idiot friends a lot) I would plan ahead a proper date but I would more importantly be ready for anything that could happen. This also lets me use my Te for contingency planning. I would line up everything to cause an overwhelming sweeping her of her feet, in a very chivalrous manner. It would make Disney blush.

If I wanted to be creative in my emotional expression, I would first have to recognize that not only are emotions necessary, they can be used in a profitable manner. That last statement was the expression of Ni in regards to emotions.

If you want to become more creative, you have chosen wisely, because wisdom is the exercising of our input functions. Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens.

Knowledge/output is (Te,Fe,Ti, Fi) wisdom/input is(Se, Ne, Si, Ni)
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Re: How to be more creative

Postby LOST TALE » Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:03 pm

I would bet his ENTJ instead of ENTP from the begining.
Not knowing how you found the solution indicates counciousness being primarly around Quick rain T instead of deep mind N. So he is uncouncious on how the fuck did N transmit the answer To T.
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Postby Silasst » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:58 am

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Postby Silasst » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:58 am

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