What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirations

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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby lamer » Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:25 pm

Parasynthe wrote:As far as educational theorists go, Glasser and Kohn are my first choice. According to Kohn and Glasser, instead of focusing on grades and tests, we must help students to reason, to comunicate, and help them develop social and personal responsibility, self-awareness and a capacity for leadership. Thinking deeply and critically should be the first goal of education (and raising children) in my opinion...

As a former kindergarten teacher, I would say the best thing a parent can do before a student comes to me is to teach them that it is ok to have an opinion that is different from everyone else, but they should be able to voice why they believe what they do

I totally agree with you on those things. People didnt know whether their opinion really matter and help if they voice them out. Instead of sitting there doing nothing, they should have known that they should do something to change it. If they can not have any opinion for themself, them would becoem submissive, and so are their children. ( children are very mimicy, they mimic their parent's ways of doing things)
i can give you one example occurred in my life:
One sunday, i came to the parent's meeting for my niece. There was a teacher who teaches them a subject. The way she teaches the school boys/girls for that subject is not suitable. As i have been through that, have learnt many ways to study it more efficiently, i saw how it should be taught more efficiently. So i voiced out with the teacher. I did know that she just followed the rules and ways hat stated out by people from the upper hierachy ( idiots! that's why i always came up so easily at being on top above those headless ones during my school time). But as a teacher, she should have known that she can collect opinion from the school boys/girls who directly receive the bad result from that stupid way of teaching and hence can change it. All my niece and some of her classmates' opinion was rejected which is really made me mad! I wonder why so many people sitting there even saying a word! ( i guess they were not taught the value of rasing their own voice and already have become submissive people, and then, their children become exactly the same with them). Then i came up as an opinionated person. ( my niece told me that she heard her classmates discussed about a parent who "shout at the teacher" in the parent's meeting :lol: and forced the school to change the way they teach the subject which is very itimidating). in fact, i was very calm discussing things with her, showing her ways, explaining what and what didnt and will work. ( i understand why ENTJs are always be misunderstood).but anyway, in the end the school decided to change that way of teaching and hence all school boys/girls are very happy now. At least my voice is worth for something.
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby yulewitch » Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:45 am

For a living: I work in scientific publishing. It's quite interesting, I like doing project management but I hate being stuck at a desk all day, every day. It frustrates me.

Voluntarily: I run a charity with some friends. This is great because I get to use and learn lots of different skills and it feels nice to create something worthwhile with other people.

Aspirations: I want a job with more variety and maybe do something creative. I'm thinking of doing a design course. I do a lot of evening classes - learning languages etc. I also want to earn more money so I can travel more and generally do more. I'd like to start a business but I think I need a partner because I can't think of a good business idea.. I'd LIKE TO HAVE A TOY SHOP and design toys lol.

I think the most important things to me in general are beauty, goodness and truth.
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby Shelbourne » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:03 pm

I am currently a teamleader in a contact centre for a utilities company... and yup...I thoroughly enjoy it.

Loads of figures, loads of people and loads and loads of challenges.
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby Mari » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:22 am

I'm a waitress
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby Anastasia » Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:43 pm

I am currently an art student....
But next year i will study economics&science :)
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby cfin » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:42 pm

Law Graduate who feels to odd about a future as a lawyer, working in finances at a university and not content. I am 25. I will probably go back to school and I aim to eventually run my own business.
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby BACACageSC » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:28 am

I'm a Biker who presently works full time as a business mail CSR and data processor. I'm retired military (23 yrs US Army, all combat arms, including 2 tours [8 yrs] as an SF Med Sgt in Central/S America and 4 yrs in the Berlin Brigade, was also a Drill Sgt for 3 yrs...all the rest was Airborne Infantry).

My passions are riding my bike (motorcycle), playing the Native American Flute and being a patched member of BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse). If you don't know about BACA visit www.bacaworld.org and watch the 14 min video on the home page...you may want to have a tissue handy.

My aspirations are to help empower all the wounded children of my state to no longer fear the world in which they live by leading and developing more BACA to service and protect these children in our state.
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby Notmissdocile » Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:36 pm

I'm self employed in media used to work as an accountant/bookkeeper but hated the narrow scope I'm toooo much of a control freak and I don't believe that's a bad thing I'd rather be in charge than take orders unless it's from someone I respect which can be problematic as I don't just respect people because I'm supposed to because of their position I respect them because they're competent with a ethical Character soooo not very good subordinate material if your wimpy and you know it
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Re: What do you guys do for a living/ what are your aspirati

Postby trustedsara » Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:30 am

I'm an entrepreneur in Canada. . Although originally from UK. Started my marketing company in 2011 and it's the best step I could have taken. Always felt confident I was going to have my own company & I'd be successful but didn't think being 37 and single Mum of 3 small kids would be the time it would all fall into place. I've found however good I was as an employee, nothing is a bigger driver than being your own boss. I LOVE it... and just need to make sure i don't over work myself and get stressed. 2015 = exercise and diet will move back into my priorities / focus .. doing Myers Briggs test recently has ( and will continue to ) allowed me to understand myself, my employees and my clients better and to see where i can improve.
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