Is anyone elses boss a pain?

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Re: Is anyone elses boss a pain?

Postby cfin » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:57 pm

I have never gotten along with a boss. I feel like, if I did, the world would be mine. Unfortunately, they got there by having their tongue out, and ready for any ass above them. I HATE that and my bosses have all been that way. Incompetence is not a disqualifying factor when ass kissing is abundant.
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Re: Is anyone elses boss a pain?

Postby liberalGeorge » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:01 am

I work in technology, which means I really only work with men. I've been out of uni fewer than ten years, and I've had about 12 bosses in that time, all men. Two have paid me to leave (I'm in the UK, where you have to pay someone off to avoid going through the legal disciplinary process), one I knew I couldn't work with so I engineered failing my probation, another I knew I wouldn't be able to work with and managed to find another job by the end of my probation, one I made a complaint about as I was leaving that resulted in his demotion, and one I was so devoted to I cried when I handed in my resignation (I had to move company to progress my career). I think he must be an NT, and I'm still in touch with him in hope that I'll be able to work with him again.

I find that some don't like that I'm not a yes man, and others don't like that I'm confident in my opinions. Either way, bosses either see me as an invaluable resource or a trouble maker depending on their personality.

I recently read a quote that has helped me understand part of my problem; "I judge how intelligent a man is by how stupid he thinks I am."
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Re: Is anyone elses boss a pain?

Postby The Lioness » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:40 pm

I get along very well with my boss. Problem is, I know he's not where he wants to be so it won't last. If anything, I think he is also an ENTJ and we can see each other eye to eye. Now the guy beneath him, that I side-report to, I have issues with. In fact I put in for another job because it's been 2 years of this insanity and I'm done.

For my co-supervisor, these are the critical issues:
Weak Willed
Does Not communicate

He is a genius, a great person outside of work, put him on a project and his ingenuity is outstanding - he needs to be tasked on projects. He is incapable of being a people manager, or a leader. Also, he's an ENTP I'm certain. It would take this type working with me equally to make things work. I've tried calculating his behavior and doing everything I can to make this work, but he does not listen, does not want to resolve it, plays oblivious, etc.

Now the boss above him? Here's what I like about him:
People Manager (Skilled)
Has Vision

I list this because I think it's good to know what you actually want in a boss and rally to that at the very least.
I am sad to go, because with him as a boss, when he has the chance to be involved, I can go places with him. He can work with me, we both know how to do that dance so to speak. My supervisor, doesn't even care. I get along with everyone even when I try not to. I apparently 'charm others', even if I am condemning them. I have tried to make every effort to work with others, because I believe one of the keys to success is working with others, teamwork, networking, etc. Hit a brick wall with that co-supervisor. :roll:
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